Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Christmas - 2014

The month of December not only were Robert and I prepping for the holidays but were practicing for a Winter Gala that we performed on December 21st with Diggs School of Dance.  It was great fun (not always easy with two little ones) but fun nonetheless having that time together.  We were also dancing with a fun group, one couple I had met at the beach last summer, Sadie and Alex so it was great reconnecting with them!  Their daughter dances with Diggs School of Dance also.  I will never forget standing on the stage as everything had ended and we were singing a few Christmas carols to wrap things up.  I spotted Abigail with my parents in the back of the Harry Ward Auditorium, she was waving and I waved back.  She made the "yes" motion as if to say my mama saw me!  It was truly a moment I will never forget.

We were the "9 Ladies Dancing"
My friend Kelly did my hair and I loved how it turned out!
Abigail's Christmas party at school was great fun.  Here she is with her classmates playing a game.

They also made gingerbread houses, she loved it!
Christmas Eve was spent at Mama and daddy's with our family and Mom, I.T. and Carol!

This is my favorite picture from Christmas.  Jack wasn't too sure what to think of Santa arriving at Mimi and Pop's house but he sat on his lap anyway just keeping his distance a bit.

Me, my girl and my dad.

Landon and Santa!
Christmas day we went to Mom and I.T.'s and then to Norfolk.  Abigail and Jack both napped on our way.

Here we are at Laurie and Danny's for the Hudgins Christmas, it was so fun!!!!!!
Peyton and Jack bonded!  They spent some time in Laurie and Danny's bedroom playing and watching Paw Patrol, they were really cute together! 
It was a really awesome Christmas and now tomorrow is New Year's Eve.  2015,
 here we come!

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