Friday, December 19, 2014

2014 Christmas House Tour

I read several blogs and a few of them do house tours every year, I did one a few years ago and decided it would be fun to do again.  Especially since we are in our new home!  I wish some of you would share pictures of your favorite decorations or whatever it may be that makes Christmas special for you!  Even if you don't blog you could share them on Facebook or Instagram!
Clementine's or Cuties are a staple at my house this time of the year!

This is the tree in our dining room.  I put all of the ornaments that we have collected over the years like one's we get when we go on a trip or our Jean Hatch ornaments that Laurie gives us each year. 
I love my Fitz and Floyd cookie jar and salt & pepper shakers.

I just got this goose, I've been looking for one for quite sometime and mama actually found this for me.  I put a red bow on him for Christmas!

I've collected Nutcrackers for years and decided to put them over the television!
This is our formal tree in the living room!
Robert's grandmother Kitty gave him one of these ornaments for Christmas over the years as he was growing up.  His dad gave us this tree a few years ago to display them on.  I love it and enjoy polishing them every couple of years.

I love getting all the fun Christmas cards in the mail.  Margaret, if your reading this I had to put yours on here.  When I opened it yesterday I couldn't believe out of all the cards there are to choose from ours were so similiar.  Great minds think alike! :)

I love my nativity scene although I'm surprised baby Jesus is still intact with as many times as Abigail has played with him!  ;)
I hope you enjoyed and I hope you will share some of your favorite decorations!

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