Thursday, January 29, 2015

american pride.

As a child I collected bears, my room was full of stuffed bears, porcelain bears, bear calendars, wooden bears, etc...  My mom kept some of them and when Paddington came out in theaters a few weeks ago I brought my Paddington porcelain figurine from 1987 out of the attic and it is now in Abigail's room on her book shelf!  I am so glad mama kept this and to now be able to share it with my daughter is so cool!!
I recently made an art/school work wall in the corner of Abigail's bedroom.  I think it is so important to display her work.  Plus I enjoy looking at it, especially that 100 and 95% she recently got on a few 
tests!  :)

Jack was playing in his room the other night and fell and hit the corner of his dresser drawer.  This is his first boo boo.  He did well with it and hardly cried.

He was trying to doctor it up himself, spraying Neo to Go on it (Neosporin) :)  Do we have a future doctor on our hands??!! 
And here is all bandaged up and after looking at it this morning it's healing up nicely!
We went to see this Saturday night with Ron and Amber.  It was such an awesome movie and a real tribute to the life of Chris Kyle who in my opinion was the epitome of the all American hero.  If you haven't seen this you really should, it was that good yet so very sad that his life was taken from him way too early.  It hit close to home since Robert and Robbie both fought in this very war.  For one to willingly sign up for this is beyond me but I am so proud of them for their courage and bravery.  God bless our troops. 

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