Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Time has a way...

of passing us by. 
I had a realization today that Jack is almost 3 and will be going to pre-school in the fall.  Where has the time gone??  It has truly been the quickest three years of my life.  He and I had a date today, we went to Sweet Frog.  It had been awhile since we've done that and it was so much fun! 
Nothing like Cake Batter yogurt with oreos, fruity pebbles, and sprinkles! 
We also realized that this girl has FOUR loose teeth.  I think the the tooth fairy will be visiting soon and probably quite frequently for awhile! :)
And THEN I realized that while I am loving winter and want a good snow storm or two I am ready for the beach! 

I was so excited today when Jack wanted to watch Tom & Jerry.  I love Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, PAW Patrol, Peppa Pig, etc... but there is just something really great about your child watching cartoons that you watched.  It warmed my heart!

We are in the market for a new car and went looking twice last weekend.  We went to Va Beach Monday and stopped for lunch at Rudee's.  I love that place, the food is delicious and the view is amazing.  I got a grilled tuna sandwich and it was oh so good!!!!!  Jack was great in the restaurant and ate his shrimp right up!

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  1. He really has gotten big fast!! Cute pics! xo