Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Rounding out winter break~

Abigail and Jack on our first very brief snow fall of the winter!  It didn't stick but I loved watching it come down!

Abigail and Uncle Robbie before Mimi took all of the grandchildren to see Annie!  She LOVED it!
We ended winter break with an oh so fun night out with Abigail, Jack and Layla.  We had dinner at Max and Erma's and ice skating at MacArthur.  Here they are on our way, Jack fell asleep a few minutes later! :)
   Auntie met us for skating! 

They even had skates for toddlers and Jack loved it!  Here are he and Layla in the beginner's rink. 
Abigail was so excited to go back to school yesterday, I love that she loves it so much!
Abigail officially has her first pair of boots.  I could easily crawl in a corner and cry like a baby but instead I will embrace this new phase and have fun with it.  She loves her new boots and thanked me for them so sweetly yesterday morning, my precious daughter.  Being her and Jack's mother is my greatest gift and joy of this life. 

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