Monday, February 9, 2015

Not on our toes yet.

We were able to go and observe Abigail at dance class last week.  I have often wondered this year if two days of dance a week is more than she should be doing in the first grade.  After seeing her dance on parent observation day I knew I had made the right decision to keep her in.   She is graceful and passionate, I am so proud of my little dancer.

I lead the children's bell choir at Salem and here is Jack "helping" me with some new music I was working on!  Love my little helper!  :)
He has really been enjoying their new swing set!

I thought he looked so cute in his new dump truck sweater.  I'm so glad I snapped this shot because he got into some bleach and sprayed himself and ruined his sweater that afternoon.  He had never gone into the cabinet and gotten into anything before so I'm going to really have to watch him now!  and his sweater is now for play   :(
Catelyn and I had lunch last week, love her and her precious pregnant self!  There is really nothing like lunch with a friend or catching up on the phone with your bestie!  Friends are so important and I am so very fortunate to have such great and loving ones!  :)

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