Wednesday, August 12, 2015

All aboard ~

We've just been enjoying these last days of summer and soaking up all of this beautiful weather we've had lately.  It was so chilly last Friday evening that I put a sweatshirt on and I've noticed some leaves starting to fall off the trees that outline our yard.  A sure sign the seasons are getting ready to change over in the coming months.  And I am ok with that, that's why I love living in Virginia.  We get to experience all four seasons and I love each of them. 

This precious baby girl is growing growing growing.  Adalean is already in a 3-6mo. outfit, she is so sweet and I love her smile.  What fun she is!

Mama, Mom, Layla, Abigail, Landon and Jack went on a train trip.  They left out of Williamsburg and went to Alexandria.  It was just a day trip but they had a lot of fun.  Jack has been wanting to go on a train so I am so glad they did this.  

Layla spent the summer in Mathews and it was so fun having her around.  She cut her hair short for the summer, I wasn't sure at first because it made her look so much older but she loved it and it grew on me. 

All aboard!

Mama and I took all the children to the bounce house on one of the real hot days.  I hate don't like that place but boy do they love it.  Another fun day!  

I took Abigail, Jack and Hannah to the petting zoo in Hartfield.  This is the second time we've been there this summer.  They love seeing and petting all the animals. 

The GIRLS and BOY of SUMMER!  They love jumping off the dock at the Islander!

I moved Abigail's room around last week and re-organized and cleaned it out.  She is ready for a new school year.  I always like to do that a couple of times a year, such a good feeling.

We've still got a few more fun things planned for the summer.  We have both Abigail (2nd grade) and Jack's (pre-school) school supply list so we will be getting those this weekend.  I love new school supplies and the smell of a fresh new box of crayons.  I however do not like the first day of pre-school.  I cried like a baby with Abigail and feel certain I will with Jack.  Although, it may help some knowing I am leaving Jack with a very dear friend of mine who I have known my whole life and love and trust to the ends of the earth.  I think that will help a lot.  We shall see.  :)

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