Thursday, July 30, 2015

Sizzling summer!

It has been HOT!  When I think about this summer I think gull bladder.. :)  and 100 degrees!  It's just been plain toasty!  But hey, that's what summer is all about and I am not complaining!  With the exception of the gull bladder part, I definitely could have done without that! HA!

I am doing so much better.  They ended up taking my gull bladder out and a lymph node.  My gull bladder was inflamed which has a very fancy term that I will not bore you with and the lymph node was benign.  I am nearing week 3 and seeing healing with each passing day.  My parents did all kinds of fun things with Abigail and Jack for my first week of recovery and I am so thankful for them.

I watched Breakfast at Tiffany's, can you believe I had never seen this movie?  Mama let me borrow it and I loved it.  I have been told that I looked like her in that movie, not so sure about that ;)I will never be as gorgeous as she is but I'll take the compliment!

I am so thankful for the calls, texts, food, cards, Facebook and just the outpouring of love after my surgery.  Thank you seems inadequate. 


My parents visited my Aunt Peggy who lives in Ricmond and Abigail went with them. Aunt Peggy is my late grandfather's sister.  So she is actually my great aunt.  She was married to Uncle Mackey, Jack Mackey.  I spent some time with them growing up and the trips to her house are etched in my memory forever.  She has always been an avid tennis player and spends part of her time in her condo in Hawaii.  I'm so glad Abigail was able to spend some time with her. 
Jack had never been to my beloved Bethel Beach.  For those of you readers in other countries or out  of state (I can see where I have readers all over the world) this is a small beach about five minutes from where I grew up.  Mama and I went to this beach when I was a child and I treasure those memories.  It was also the "hang out" during my teen years.  So one evening before dinner Abigail, Jack and I (Robert was working late)rode down there and walked to the end and I told them stories from when I was a kid.  They loved hearing about it!  There use to be trees along the water and a lot more beach than what is there now and it became very apparent to me that it is slowly washing away.  I wonder if it will even still be there twenty years from now. 
I am loving my black eyed susans, they are such a bright cheery flower and just make me smile. 
Hope everyone has a great day!

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