Thursday, December 10, 2015

A little of this and that!

We are getting excited about Christmas here!  Jack is loving Snowflake the Elf this year and overall just seems to get the idea of Christmas more than ever.  It's been a lot of fun.  He is a very strong willed child and with that being said has refused to wear this cute reindeer shirt mama got him.  He finally for whatever reason wore it Monday and I thought he looked so cute!

This is me today, I got the house cleaned, a quick run in and a few of Abigail's teacher gifts put together.  I've still got a lot to do though!  Oh and if you look behind me on the rail you will see Snowflake and the reindeer sliding down, that's where they ended up last night!  Oh the shenanigans these two have gotten into lately!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I've had a glitzy fun wreath on my front door for the past few years but decided this year to go very simple.  I got this from Costco for $15 and had the bow made for $10.  It smells so good, fresh cedar and in mind there is nothing any more Christmasy than that!  :)  I'll just use this bow for years to come, I'm really going more plain this year. 

And here's our tree with Abigail posing by it! 
Tis the season!!!!

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