Wednesday, November 25, 2015


Abigail before her field trip to Jamestown!

Here she is doing some homework on the computer!

Robert and I had a date night recently.  The children stayed with my parents and while our night did not go at all as planned we had a really great time!  We had all intentions of checking out some live music, having some dinner and enjoying a night out. We realized we had not been out in a while and we'll have to try that another time.  We ended up having Southwind pizza and salad on the couch while watching a movie, it was a fun night!

Jack Jack before school one morning. :)

And me on my way to the Y one morning! :)
Growing up I spent some very memorable times with my Aunt Carolyn in Richmond.  We would meet in West Point and I would spend the weekend with her.  I treasure those memories of roller skating, shopping and basically whatever I wanted to do! Abigail is spending the night with her tonight and it warms my heart beyond measure.  She will watch the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade at her house tomorrow morning and come to Mathews with her late morning! 
I am cooking Thanksgiving lunch this year so wish me luck!!!!!!
happy thanksgiving! 

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