Thursday, May 3, 2012

37 weeks

Pregnancy Highlights:

How Far Along: 37 Weeks
Size of baby: Jack is the size of a small watermelon (or large whale in my case)  (approx. 6.30 lbs.)
Maternity Clothes:  Yes, mostly dresses
Gender: It's a BOY!!! 

Movement: All the time, I love watching him move about, it's fascinating!
Sleep: Not so good these days, I'm up usually around 2a.m. so I'm catching up on According to Jim  (I don't regularly watch that show but it amuses me at 2a.m.) re-runs and then at 4a.m. I've been watching the early Today show.
What I miss:  Running and working out, a glass of wine or cold beer, and my shape.  Weight Watcher's, here I come!

Cravings: Anything sweet, seafood and Richardson's chicken salad (I actually satisfied that craving today since I had lunch there)
Symptoms: tiredness and swollen feet

Best Moment of the Week: Getting my hair trimmed.  My nails and hair have been growing at a rapid pace thanks to my pre-natal vitamin.  I love my new cut and am looking forward to going shorter this summer. 

I just want to say this has been an amazing pregnancy, even with the ups and downs of keeping up with a 3 year old.  I have loved every second of this journey and truly feel blessed to have be having baby Jack in just a few weeks.  Having a baby is a pure miracle and I thank God for the grace and strength he has provided me throughout the past 9 months.  

This is exactly how Jack is positioned.  Will update with a belly shot soon. :)

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