Monday, July 16, 2012

I'm still here...

I should totally be in the bed right now because Jack Jack will probably be calling in the next few hours.  I have not been good about blogging this summer.  It's mainly because I am just loving being a mom of two and I don't want my children to remember their mom always sitting behind a computer.  We are living each day to it's fullest, just enjoying the summertime, the pool, fresh veggies, Sunday swimming at Granddaddy's, the radio constantly on in the kitchen (I'm jamming out right now as I type to Little Big Town), and just being a family of four.  It's been so much fun watching Jack grow, it's so cool the second time around, you sort of know what to expect but then there are surprises too. 

Abigail did exceptional in her two weeks of swim lessons, she is swimming like a fish.  Jack had gained 5lbs. at his two month appointment last week since birth.  Abigail's vocabulary is amazing, I am looking forward to watching her grow this year in pre-school.  We have been working on writing her name some this summer, she's getting it.  Jack is really starting to focus on things these days and following voices, he's so alert. 

Tomorrow Jack and I are meeting Les and Lucas for lunch and then doing some shopping at the outlets in Williamsburg.  I can't wait to see them!  The rest of the week will be spent packing and getting ready for our vacation.  We leave Saturday for the Outer Banks for a week.  Cannot wait to spend time with my family!


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