Saturday, February 23, 2013

A birthday party and crab cakes

Abigail had a good day at school yesterday and is so much better thank goodness.  Jack is also on the mend.  Finally we are healthy around here again.  Today she and I ventured to Richmond to Mckenzie's 4th birthday party.  Les and Scott had a Fun Bus come to their house and the children had a ball.  The bus was filled with romp and roll equipment so they jumped around for an hour.  Abigail and I stopped at Sam's Club and Target on our way home.  Soon after our stop she was sound asleep, all that playing wore her completely out.  We came home and ate some delicious crab cakes mama made for us.  Now Robert is snoring and the children are asleep, I'm not too far behind.  Here are some pictures from our day.

I took this yesterday when she got home from school!  I just thought she looked so cute!

She has a really good swing, I see t-ball in our future.

The birthday girl, what a doll.

Abigail and Mckenzie eating birthday cake, they had such a good time together today.

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