Monday, February 25, 2013

The Velveteen Rabbit

Yesterday we went to church and then met my dad for lunch at Richardson's.  Mama was in Newport News with my grandmother.  The children were great in the restaurant.  Sometimes when we are out in public I wonder where I am going wrong but days like yesterday I realize I am doing something right.  Jack is always good, as long as he is fed and changed he is a happy boy.  We came home and I did some cleaning and catching up. I went for an afternoon run while Jack was napping and Robert and Abigail played outside.  We watched the Oscar's last night and I worked on the Kingston Parish Pre-school yearbook.  I made last years and decided to do this years book, it's always a lot of fun to work on.

Tonight during story time before bed we read the Velveteen Rabbit.  My parents gave it to Abigail for Easter last year but we never read it.  Abigail started crying half way through the story tonight when she thought they were going to burn the bunny because the doctor said he was full of germs and they needed to get rid of him.  I looked over and she was holding on to me with tears streaming down her face.  It almost made me cry, she is so tender.  I assured her things were going to look up and we needed to keep reading.  By the end of the story she was laughing and said "your so funny mama."  We said our prayers and off to sleep she went.  The story left me with some nostalgia so I decided to take a walk down memory lane, here are some pictures of her over the past two years. 

This is tonight just a few minutes ago, she is sound asleep!

She and I - First day of Kingston Parish Pre-school - September 2011

 2011 - Nags Head fishing pier, we try to go there every year for breakfast while we're on vacation.
(Back in my blonde days;)

2011 - Bassnights - Abigail and Mimi

Getting ready to go the Great Wolf Lodge with Amy and Stevie - 2011

Christmas - 2011

Lunch after church 2011

Doing YMCA - December 2011

2013 - My world, my life, my precious little girl!

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  1. I always read these. This one is really well done.