Thursday, February 21, 2013

Music, my happy place

I just finished downloading some new music onto my Ipod from ITunes.  Some Zach Brown Band just did my heart some good.  I love their music, it's just something about them.  They are so talented and I can really relate to the lyrics in most of their songs.  In some shape or form I have experienced what they sing about or have dreamed of something similar.  If that makes any sense at all. :)  I am so excited to be going for a run in the morning.  Mama is picking Abigail up for me and taking her to school.  Mom is coming here as soon as she finishes getting her hair done and is keeping Jack while I go workout.  I have not left these children all week, mainly because I didn't want anyone else to get sick, RSV is very contagious.  So we're going to end the week right and I pray we are all still well tomorrow afternoon.  As a mother you constantly question if you are doing the right thing.  Today while I was putting sheets on Abigail's bed I was wondering if I should send her to school tomorrow and if I do should I pick her up early so that she doesn't play outside.  She has been staying for Lucky Lunch but we're not going to tomorrow, we'll pick that back up next week.  I think she is ready to go back, I hope I'm right!

Jack didn't really nap that great today.  I hope we are not dropping a nap already, he's only 9 months.  Mama brought Abigail a new costume to dress up in today for being sick.  Abigail decided to put the headband on her brother, it cracked me up for some reason.  He loved it and was all smiles.  These two are going to have fun together, I just know it.  I love them so much!  So, here goes my fruit of the loom boy! 

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