Thursday, February 14, 2013

a smiling heart.

Today started out as "one of those days" but ended up pretty darn good.  I woke up to beautiful flowers that my husband left me and a very sweet card (and a HERSHEY bar).  Give me chocolate and we're friends for life.  Robert and I are going out to dinner tomorrow night, cannot wait to have a date night with my husband.  So anyway, your probably thinking that's not so bad, what is this girl complaining about?!?  Jack has a cold but I thought he was well enough to venture to the YMCA so that I could go for a run.  I left him in child watch in tears but thought it was just separation anxiety but then ten minutes into my run I saw Ms. Carrie walking in with Jack in tow, he was boo hooing.  Poor baby wanted his mama.  So we all bundled up and headed home.  So much for my workout, oh well, that's the way it goes.  He was fussy and clingy most of the day, he just doesn't feel good.  We visited Mimi and Pops and delivered valentines to mom and I.T.  Abigail and I went to church while Jack and Robert stayed home.  I am hoping we will not be making a trip to the doctor tomorrow but we will see what the night holds.  Here are my two favorite valentine's!


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