Sunday, February 17, 2013

My sick boy!

Jack started with a cold on Friday and it has progressively gotten worse this weekend.  He has been one miserable little boy, it breaks my heart when one of my children are sick.  Dr. Graham called in two prescriptions on Friday and I was so grateful we didn't have to make the drive to Williamsburg.  But I will calling first thing tomorrow morning to make an appointment, I want to rule out everything, unfortunately he just doesn't seem any better.  Mama and I were supposed to go shopping tomorrow since it's President's Day but she will be venturing to the doctor's office with me instead. 

Yesterday, my mother, grandmother, aunts and cousin to went to the movies.  We saw Safe Haven, I was only gone for a few hours but like any other mother I felt some guilt for leaving my sick boy.  He was in very good hands though, his daddy is the best.  I am also the new bell choir director at Salem and my children were doing their first performance this morning.  Abigail was also singing with the Cherub Choir so she and I went to church.  She did a beautiful job and my bell ringers were great.  I was very proud of them to say the least.  One of my all time favorite hymns is Hear I am Lord, that is the song they performed while David Shuber played the piano with them.  It was really good.  He was my band teacher for 7 years in middle school and high school so to be leading these children with him is an honor for me, truly.  He is a phenomenal musician.  In fact, he is singing and playing the piano to another of my favorite hymns at Jack's baptism in just a few weeks. 

Robert has completely stripped and is staining and painting a desk that his grandfather built for him 30 some odd years ago.  He worked on that this afternoon while I held Jack.  When he wasn't sleeping all he wanted was to lay on my chest, so that' what we did.  I will be so happy to see this baby smiling again.

This is Jack in his baptism gown, the same gown Abigail wore, along with Robert, his sister and mother.  This gown is 70 years old.  All of their initials are embroidered on it, what an heirloom.  I took some of him in it a few weeks ago for the invitation, he looks just like his sister.

This is him sleeping tonight, my sick little Jack Jack.  I pray we get an early appointment tomorrow so we can get this precious boy feeling better soon.


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