Wednesday, February 20, 2013

And so it continues...

This has been an interesting 48 hours at our home.  Everything is at a standstill.  Abigail began with flu like symptoms yesterday afternoon that continued through the night.  We were up at all hours!  She didn't get to go to school today and she was disappointed, this little girl loves her teachers and friends.  One of the first things she wanted to do when she woke up this morning was work on the alphabet in her Alphabet Clifford book.  She loves learning, I hope she is always this way.    We are hoping she is on the upswing now and will continue to improve.   She did manage to eat some scrambled eggs this morning and has consumed many a Popsicle.  While Jack took his morning nap she and I watched Dolphin Tale, love my snuggle time with my girl.  We have watched this movie countless times, it's a favorite of ours.  Jack is definitely more like himself today, it's nice to see him smile and he seems more interested in playing with his toys.  I am hoping for some normalcy in the following days.  I cannot wait for everyone to be well and to get back on our schedule. 
Sometimes it's just better to not lay on your pillow!

Abigail eating her breakfast.

I decided to get some Easter decorations down, I love Easter!

My baby is not looking like himself at all, his eyes have been so swollen throughout all of this.

I am hoping we all get some rest tonight.  Tomorrow is a new day, I am staying very optimistic that things will be looking up. 

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