Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Our first beach day!

The sun, sand and salt do something to me like nothing else in this world.  Abigail, Jack and I spent the afternoon with Catelyn, Callie and Kristen (Cate's cousin).  It was wonderful, the sun was shining, the girls made "their forts" and we had some good girl time.  It definitely did my soul some good.  Jack did fantastic, he sat with us some and played in the pack and play.  We came home, I changed him and he went down for about an hour nap.  Mama stopped by for a bit so we chatted.  After she left I started dinner (taco salad) and put away our beach things while Abigail played outside with Lauren.

Tomorrow is a big day for us.  We're going on a field trip from Kingston Parish Pre-school to Lee Jackson Elementary.  We will do a little tour and have lunch in the cafeteria.  What fun this will be for us, I am so excited for Abigail and this next step in her life.  (As I hold back a tear)


When we first got to the beach a flock of Canadian geese swam by.  You can't see them very well but they were beautiful.  By the time I got my camera from the car they had swam out alittle too far to get a good picture.   

My beach girl!

Jack and Catelyn, LOVE!

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