Thursday, May 2, 2013

Godspeed, spring saturdays and cuteness abound

Yet again the week got away from me.  So here it was in pictures!

Jack is ready to go golfing with Pops. ;)

Abigail, Jack and I went down to check out the Godspeed that was docked at William's Wharf for the weekend.  Landon and daddy met up with us.

Daddy and Jack.

His sweater is way too big, it's for next year but his other one was dirty.  Oh well, this will suffice in a pinch!

She was all dressed and waiting for Pops to pick her up to take her to Landon's soccer tournaments.  Did someone set the time clock for 15 years FROM NOW????  I swear sometimes she acts like she's 16, not that I am in any way wishing the time away.  She was rocking on the front porch and listening to the Ipod that was playing as I was doing yardwork.

She thought Jack would look cute in her sunglasses. ;)

Butttt...decided they looked cuter on her :)

The soccer star!
Landon Sinclair Hudgins

I love how whenever I tell them to put their arms around each other he instantly puts up bunny ears. 

All dressed and ready for school on Wednesday and we were doing some serious posing! :)

Making cookies today in our bathing suit, doesn't everyone do this?!

Fresh flowers from our yard.

A smiling Jack after his nap this afternoon.

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