Sunday, May 5, 2013

Showers and photo shop!

We had a great weekend!  We hosted a shower for Kristen, Danny Jr.'s fiancé on Saturday.  It was lovely and she got a lot of wonderful things.  Robert and I attempted to watch a movie last night but we both fell asleep 10 minutes into it, are old or what?!  Last week was super busy, so I'm chalking it up to that.  We went to church today, grocery shopped and then went to my parents for dinner this evening.  Abigail was asking all day if she could spend the night at my parents, so we packed her bag and she's having a slumber party with Mimi & Pops tonight.  They'll just drop her off at school tomorrow morning and I'll pick her up.  She loves her grandparents so much!

It was a quick but great weekend!  We have another busy week ahead.

John Lee made the cake, it turned out nice and ofcourse delicious.

Anna pinning Kristen's corsage.

Kristen and the flower girl! :)

Blurry, boo :(  We were rushing to get out the door since mom picked us up and took us to the shower.  So snapped a few shots when we got home. 

The three of us before church this morning!
Abigail and I after we got home from the shower.

My two very handsome men!

P.S.  I had some fun in photo shop tonight, if you can't tell! ;)

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