Thursday, May 9, 2013


Today was absolutely gorgeous.  I was up early and before the children so I was able to enjoy my coffee before the hustle and bustle of the day began.  I had a meeting at William's Wharf this morning in regards to Lee Jackson Elementary PTA.  Ends up I am the new Vice President and I'm pretty excited about it.  I was thinking I would wait it out a year and become familiar with having a child in school etc..but it just feels right to start now.  This is all new to me but I am looking forward to seeing what it's all about.  Ever since Abigail was born I have looked forward to being involved with school and all that comes with it so I cannot wait.  I will be in charge of one big fundraiser per year so I can't wait to see what my first project will be. 

After my meeting we came home and I decided it was a perfect beach day.  There were some things I wanted needed to do but I figured they could wait.  We packed up and headed to Hallieford beach for a few hours.  We came home and I took Abigail to dance, cooked a quick dinner and then made chocolate chip cookies for her teacher's for Teacher Appreciation week.  It was a busy day!!!  But a GOOD one! :)

She was looking for her caterpillar.

She loves posing these days, whew, we're going to have a our hands full!

Why is he suddenly looking like a little boy, my baby is growing up.

We set up camp...

And then played down by the water...

Then we had a yummy lunch..

It was such a great day~!  I was really surprised there weren't more people there, we had a visitor from Louisiana who was very interesting to talk too.  She told me she loved this area and enjoyed riding around taking pictures of the farm houses.  Her accent was really cool, I love meeting people from different places.

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