Wednesday, May 29, 2013

the graduate.

Well it's official, Abigail is a graduate of Kingston Parish Pre-school.  It's been a quick two years and we were incredibly fortunate to have two wonderful teachers.  I know Abigail will never forget Mrs. Hall and Mrs. Desmond.  She has grown so much and it's amazing to me what she has learned.  She loved their monthly walks to the Library and Bay School.  She loved having her "special day" and most importantly she has made some wonderful friends.  Friends that will probably last a lifetime. 

Today was a great day for my girl.  She had alittle piece to say during the ceremony, "V is for Vase and U is for Umbrella"...she did fantastic. 

We had a pretty big switch on the itinerary after graduation.  I had lunches made, bathing suits for everyone out and the bags were packed.  We were heading to Water Country for the day.  As we were driving home from graduation Abigail decided she did not want to go to Water Country, Robert and I still can't believe it.  All she wanted was to go to my aunt Denise's pool and swim with her friend/classmate Ray who happens to live down the street.  So upon her request that's what we did and it ended up being a perfect day.  

After swimming for 3 hours we came home, changed clothes and had dinner at Mi Casa Azteca (which I must say was delicious). 

Tonight before bed Abigail asked if we could look at her yearbooks from last year and this year. So, we did and she loved looking at the pictures and talking about the class parties and pointing out her friends. 

Cool story about the yearbook.  I made last years and ended up doing this years too.  I loved doing it and had some help in the picture department from a few moms.  Anyway, I ordered it last week thinking it would be here last Friday or at the latest yesterday.  Needless to say it didn't show up yesterday.  As I was walking out the back door this morning heading to graduation I thought to myself, how cool would it be if the UPS truck showed up right now.  I REALLY wanted to distribute them at the graduation today.  Sure enough, I opened the car door and said Robert I think I hear the UPS truck, I looked and there it was, backing in our driveway.  I know the driver thought I was half crazy but I was so happy to see him that I ran up to the truck.  He gave me the package, smiled and said have a great day.  I was so excited for everyone to get their yearbook today.

Congratulations to my one and only daughter.  I love you sweet girl and am so proud of you.

Receiving her diploma.

I had so much fun decorating the car!

Abigail, Lauren, Blake and Aidan

My Jack!

Abigail, Mom, & I.T.

A proud Mama and Daddy!

Grandmama (Gigi to Abigail) & Abigail

Mama, Daddy and A.

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