Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Fall is here but it feels like summer!

Wow!  It's fall and I can hardly stand it!  It's supposed to be 85 degrees today so it's definitely not feeling very fall like yet!  What a busy time for us lately.  Abigail is loving school although she fractured her wrist the second week on the playground.  She has done so well with it though, to the point that unless I see her cast we forget she has it.  She has not complained one time about having it on and only once have we had an itching spell.  She's something else she is!

We went to Virginia Beach for our 7 year anniversary, what fun that was.  We took the children for a bike ride down the boardwalk, played on the beach, ate dinner at Waterman's which was so much fun and so very delicious, and took Abigail to the Carnival Saturday night.  It was a great weekend!

Mama and daddy kept the children for us a few Saturday nights ago so that we could have a get together with our friends.  We all fixed a dish and had a lovely evening on Jerry's porch, it was great catching up with everyone.  Jerry even joined us for a while before heading off to Norfolk.  Jay made barbecue which was delicious and we celebrated all of the guys birthdays with a chocolate cake from Walmart, it was so good! 

Abigail started dance back up, she loves it and I think we have found our niche with this. 

Here are some pictures from the last few weeks!! Enjoy!



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