Sunday, January 5, 2014

The Year in Review!

Happy New Year, wow, what a year we have had!  We have been incredibly blessed with so many wonderful events, vacations and everyday happenings. 
Robert and I celebrated 7 years of marriage with the children in VA Beach.

We stayed home on Halloween since both children had the flu.  We had a ton a trick or treater's and daddy came up for a while so it ended up being a fun night regardless!

We enjoyed spending time at Busch Gardens.

Abigail broke her arm the second week of school.

  We enjoyed waking up and watching the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade on tv while eating gooey cinnamon buns and just being together, just the four of us.  We ventured over to my grandparents and spent the rest of the day with the Turpin's.  What fun!

Abigail was Mary in our church Christmas play and did a fantastic job.

We went to Christmas Town at Busch Gardens and what a fun evening that was!

The Easter bunny came to see us.  We went to church Easter morning and then to Mom & I.T.'s for lunch.

We had Jerry and Elizabeth over the day after Christmas for lunch.

We had a wonderful Christmas with our family.

Robert and I had a New Year's Eve party, here are the Foster's.

and the Faulkner's!

The Hurst's.

Robert and I (I didn't get a picture of Robyn and Jay but there were here too!)

Jack had his 1st birthday!

Abigail graduated from Kingston Parrish Pre-School.

We had a lot of family togetherness.

Abigail loved catching butterflies during the summer.  She would catch them and then put them in a jar, it was one of her favorite pastimes.

She was fitted for her flower girl dress for Danny Jr. and Kristen's wedding.

We spent some time at the beach.

And the pool, Abigail became quite the swimmer.  She also took two weeks of swim lessons through the YMCA at the Mathews Yacht Club.

Our annual week at the beach.

Jack enjoyed helping me unpack once we were home! ;)

Abigail and Robert walking to the church for the wedding rehearsal.

Abigail got her hair done for the wedding by Ms. Linda.

And there she was, my little princess.

We did get some snow and were able to go sledding.

Camp Ramsey was in July, we enjoyed being with all of our Ramsey family for the weekend.

There were boat rides....

Abigail caught her first fish.

We had a seafood feast on Saturday night.
We had a snipe hunt!!!!

Abigail celebrated her 5th birthday with a Unicorn theme. 

She started her first day of kindergarten.

Here a few more pictures from our anniversary getaway in Va Beach.

We were waiting to be seated for dinner at Waterman's Restaurant and there was a wedding getting ready to take place.  Once we were seated Abigail and I went back down to the beach to watch the bride and her father walk down the boardwalk.  Abigail was fascinated and I actually got choked up thinking that in the blink of an eye that will be my baby walking down the isle. 

Of course we had to go in all the souvenir shops down the boardwalk.

Mama, daddy, the children and I went to the State Fair, it was a beautiful fall day.

One of the most precious days of the year to me was Jack's baptism. 
Thanks for taking a walk down memory lane with me.  What an exciting year we had and are looking so forward to all this year will bring.  Happy 2014!

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