Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Winter time!

We are busy, so busy sometimes I don't know if we're coming or going.  Our life is far from perfect but one that I would not trade for a second.  It has been a beautiful winter, we have had some snow and cold cold days.  It has been a season that will make us all the more grateful for the next one, SPRING!  I can already see things starting to bud and the daffodil tips have popped through the mulch.

Abigail is thriving in school, I am so proud of her.  They have been on a couple of field trips.  One was to Colonial Williamsburg and the other to Pizza Hut and the bowling ally.  She really likes her teacher Mrs. Davis and I cannot be more pleased with her first year.  She continues to enjoy ballet and I must say she's a really good dancer.  I got to observe her a few weeks ago and was pleasantly surprised at how far she's come in two years.  I cannot wait to see her recital in a few months.  I think she was made to be a dancer.

Jack has met some new friends at the YMCA, he loves going to child watch.  For so long he would cry when I dropped him off and now he's crying when he has to leave.  He loves Ms. Carrie and Ms. Christine.  We have also been to Baby Garten, he loves that and it's fun watching him interact with the other children. 

Abigail and Jack have the unspeakable bond.  They love each other to pieces and I hope this never changes.  She is so gentle with him and usually gives him a kiss before getting out of the car to go to school. 

Jack is really starting to talk these days.  He says things like "read mama" and he says "OK" a lot.  He loves oranges, banana's, animal crackers and goldfish.  He is a pleasant child and rarely cries.  He loves his Mimi, Pops and Mom (my grandmother, Countess) although as he calls her "Mum."

I'm mainly getting ready to write this just because I don't want to forget it.  The last snow storm we had a few weeks ago was so wonderful.  We went to my grandmother's and then everyone piled in the trucks and we went sledding down "low bottom."  It was so much fun!  Then the four of us went to mama and daddy's and spent the afternoon.  Robbie and I played Rummy, I had not played cards in years, he like always beat me but not my much ;).  Mama had cooked some delicious food and we also watched old movies.  It was such a great day!!

Here are a few pictures from the past month! 

Robert and I by the outside fireplace on a snowy evening!

I love my winter flag!

This little snowman was 20 months on January 15th!   
Valentine pictures were let's just say..... interesting this year.  Jack does not sit still for a second so this is what we had to work with!  Ha, their still cute if you ask me!

Getting ready to head to the YMCA.
Snow day w/ Clipper!  Our back yard!
Parent observation day at Diggs School of Dance.  That's Abigail in front of the line.
We have had so much snow this winter so we finally got to make a snowman!  Mama and daddy gave us a "snowman kit" for Christmas and we got to use it.  It came with everything except the hat and scarf, they were mine :)  Abigail named him "SNOWY"

My little snow bear!

Granddaddy Jerry made an ice skating rink for Abigail.  Since he made it it has not been cold enough for it to freeze so that she can skate on it.  Maybe it will get cold enough again so that she can skate atleast once, if not there's always next year!  What a great granddaddy he is!

Here she is opening her Valentine's at her school party. 
I did the craft for the party, I had clings that the children colored and could take home and put on their windows.  It was such a cute party and she and all her friends were so fun to watch as they opened their valentine's. 

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