Saturday, March 8, 2014

Did someone say Snow day?!

Have we reverted back to the early 80's where snow days were more prevalent like they have been this year?  I cannot remember a winter like this since I was a little girl.  Being snowed in is almost starting to feel like the norm these days.  I must say, we still get excited to get "the call" from our superintendent that school has been cancelled although I was slightly disappointed when the phone rang Sunday night.  It was Dr. Suess week at school and we had a really fun outfit for Monday and another for Tuesday.  But oh well, we made the best of our days and had some fun sledding and being together. 

We have had a rough few weeks here.  For one, Jack started to crawl out of his crib, thus forcing us to convert his crib to a toddler bed at a much younger age than we did with Abigail.  She actually went straight from a crib to a regular bed at 21/2.  Jack is not quite two yet so trying to explain to a 22 month old to stay put when having all of this new found freedom has not been an easy feat.  He was just showing up at my bedside at 1a.m. wanting to play.  So we then decided to keep his door shut but he has figured out how to climb up his changing table, turn the light on and play destroy his room like a bomb has gone off :) at 1a.m.  My pediatrician suggested cutting his naptime in half so we are going to try that and see what happens. 

Here are some pictures from our snow days earlier in the week.   


This makes me laugh, Jack is saying CHEEEESE!  They were having a popsicle while watching Elf on the Shelf.  Yes, I went up in the attic and brought two Christmas movies down for them to watch, the other was The Polar Express.  They loved it!!!!

Sisterly, brotherly love!

Jack watching Abigail play a game on her Leap Pad.

He decided he wanted to play too and she shared.

I love how both of their legs are in the upright position in this picture.
Robert came home from work early on Monday so here he is getting ready to go on a grocery run.


Going for a sleigh ride, Abigail's neighborhood friend, Lauren joined us.

Swinging on her swingset.

Abigail, Jack and I. 
Lovers Lane was nothing but a sheet of ice.

Opps, Jack lost one of gloves! 

Jack playing on the Leap Pad before bedtime.

Now today the sun is shining, it's warm out and I am so thankful for days like today.  Even if one of my babes is under the weather.  Spring is near and I could not be more excited.  Enjoy your weekend!

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