Sunday, April 13, 2014

23 months.

Jack will be 23 months this week!  It's really hard to believe he will be 2 years old in just a month.  He says things like "go bye bye" and "here mama."  I hope I never forget the way his little voice sounds when he says this.  He is very polite and uses his manners most of the time.  He usually says thank you when given something and is always happy.  He has adjusted to his toddler bed very well and sleeps through the night.  He is such a pleasant child and he and Abigail have a great relationship.  They love each other so much and I hope they will always be close. 

Here he is one year ago, my precious baby boy.

We had such a great day today.  We had our Easter party and egg hunt at church and it was such a great turn out and the children had so much fun.  They did a craft, had an egg hunt and ended the festivities with refreshments.  We had another egg hunt this afternoon.  I took Abigail and Layla and they had a nice time.  We ended our weekend with spaghetti at mama and daddy's and a visit with mom and I.T.  It really doesn't get much better than that! :)

Here was our week in pictures!

A rainy day before school!

Easter party at church.


Smile Abigail!
We all got haircuts yesterday and Jack did exceptionally well. 

I have started taking Jack to Tot Time.  He loves it and has met some new friends.  Last week Miss Sarah hardly had the balance beam out and he was the first to get on it.  He's very social and interacts with everyone.  We read books, sing songs and play.  It's another great outlet for him. 
We had a milestone today at the Ramsey's. Jack counted to 10, we are still floored and cannot believe he can actually count but he can.  Way to go Jack Jack!

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