Friday, April 18, 2014

A day in the life...

Spring break is here and this mama is a happy camper! 

I read a lot of blogs and many of them usually do a day in the life once a year.  So, this is mine, a day in the life of me.

The alarm goes off at 6am, I never hit the snooze button because I think that is probably an awful habit to get into.  I get myself dressed and ready for the day and then I start coffee.  I make breakfast for myself, usually I have two waffles and a glass of milk.  I only drink one cup of coffee, sometimes a 1/2 cup.  I then wake Abigail up and make her breakfast, she usually has French toast or a muffin with milk.  Jack usually wakes up in the midst of all of this and I then make his breakfast, he usually has the same thing as Abigail.  I make Abigail's lunch and then we get her ready for school.  I drop her off and then we either head to the Y, Tot Time or errands.  The days fly by and before we know it it's time to pick Abigail up from school. 

She comes home, has a snack and about twenty minutes of rest time before we start homework.  Some days we have somewhere to be so I don't usually start cooking dinner until 5:00.  We grill out a lot too especially this time of the year so Robert takes over once he gets home.  After dinner the children get a bath,  Robert and I watch the Nightly News, we have story time and then it's bedtime for them.  A few nights a month I have meetings to go to for church or PTA and Robert sometimes works for Roland so it doesn't always go like this. 

After Abigail's Easter party and egg hunt at school today I brought her home with me.  Mom was here keeping Jack so we scooped him up and the three of us went to Gloucester.  I got baseball pants for Abigail since she starts t-ball tomorrow.  So thankful for Sports Shack being so close!


Abigail before heading to the circus yesterday representing Lee Jackson!

Enjoying a snow cone at the circus.  She loved it and it was her first time every going but I must say last night she was exhausted,  I think just over stimulated from the day.

We dyed Easter eggs this week so we are ready for the bunny!

Jack usually sits at the table and colors or has a snack while Abigail does her homework.  This is Wednesday and he was having grapes. 
This was before school this morning!
Here is Abigail looking for her eggs today.

Abigail and Evie, I love their bunny baskets they made in class.

Such a fun and memorable day! 
 Happy Easter!

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