Monday, April 7, 2014

Happy 60th Birthday Mama!

We celebrated Mama's 60th birthday this weekend.  We had a surprise party for her and what a fun evening it was.  She was surrounded by family and friends.  My aunts (mama's sisters and Laurie) helped me with the food.  I am so thankful for them.  We did a slide show for her as well with pictures from the time she was a little girl until now.  There were a few tears shed!   I will warn you now, this post has a lot of pictures! :)
This is a Mrs. Nancy Callis cake and it was just as good as it was pretty.  Everyone loved the cake, she's the best!


Daddy, Kennie, Robbie and I practiced a few of mama's favorite songs for a couple of weeks and did them for her as a surprise.  The Beatles "In my Life" and Merle Hagard's "Silver Wings." Here is Kennie, Daddy and Robbie along with Landon and Abigail singing "Happy Birthday" 

Make a wish Mimi!
Amber and I

The children listening to the music!

Martha, Amber, and Laurie

The pictures below were just a few that were in the slide show. 
Abigail and I before Brandon and Lindsay's wedding.

Mama and daddy in the Bahama's.

Mama and daddy in the early 70's.

Mama in Platinum real estate years.

Mama and daddy's wedding.

Mama, daddy and Abigail

Mama and I in the kitchen in the house I grew up in.  I love this picture.

Mama, Mom and Di in the Bahama's.

Mama and Robbie in the hot tub in Nags Head.

Mama and Ron


Mama and her sisters at Grandma Helen's.  I told Necie during the slide show that I loved her dress, I would wear that now! :)

Mama as a little girl, Robbie and Jack really favor her. 

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