Sunday, April 20, 2014

Easter and the tooth fairy

Friday night was a monumental night at the Ramsey's, Abigail lost her first tooth.  She pulled it out all by herself, it hardly bled and she was oh so proud.  She called Mimi and Pops and Mom and I.T. to tell them as soon as it happened.  I had ordered her a tooth fairy pillow months ago because I knew this day was coming.  She placed her tooth in the pocket of the pillow before bedtime and the tooth fairy left her some moolah that night.  So much fun! :)

The opening ceremonies at the Little League field were a little soggy and cold yesterday morning but I'm so glad it wasn't rained out.  It was fun watching Abigail's first t-ball game.  She did great and had a few solid hits.

We had a wonderful Easter and it was a beautiful sunny day.  The children had a nice morning just being together and enjoying their Easter goodies before church.  It was a nice service and then we had a delicious lunch at Mom and I.T.'s.  Daddy also did an egg hunt for the children there.  We then ventured to Hallieford and enjoyed dessert and an egg hunt with Grandaddy and Auntie. 

What a great day and for this we are blessed.

Her first lost tooth!

The tooth fairy pillow!  There will be many teeth placed in that little pocket over the years.

Opening ceremonies at the Little League field!

Abigail up to bat with her coach Mr. Jason.  She would not wear her baseball pants, I think it's mainly the material she doesn't like.  I hope I have better luck getting her to wear them to her next game!

Jack's Easter basket!  He got his first football and some hot wheels race cars, the coffee table was his race car track all morning.  Nice!!

Abigail loved her new bathing suit that was in her basket, she wore it all morning!

This was before church, Jack decided to pull Abigail's hair, brotherly sisterly love in true fashion!

                             This was after church before we changed to go to Mom and I.T.'s.

I really wanted a good picture of the two of them and I took a thousand it seemed like and this is about as good as it gets. 

Mom and Jack!

Landon, Layla, Mckinley, Michael, Abigail and Jack!

After the egg hunt they decided to dump their baskets in Mom's bedroom.

Jack and Abigail's baskets at Granddaddy's!

Egg hunt in Hallieford!

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