Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Do you see what I see?

The weather is really starting to warm up and the daffodil's are blooming in my yard, to say I am excited is a bit of an understatement.  There is something so beautiful about this time of the year.  I just love it!  Today as I was driving with the sunroof open and the music playing I was in aww of this first day of April.  Everyone seemed so pleasant and happy, it just makes me smile!

This past week we have been on the go.  We had a baby shower for Lindsay on Saturday.  It was so much fun and baby Tristan is going to be one loved little boy, can't wait to meet him in June.  I didn't get any pictures from the shower but what a great day for her. 

We celebrated Elizabeth's 34th birthday last week.  Complete with a steak dinner, baked potatoes, rolls, and cake.  She and Abigail played a game of chess!

Jack has loved playing since the weather has warmed up especially going down his slide.  He loves throwing rocks in the ditch and swinging.
Abigail before school one morning, getting one more peak of Wizards of Waverly Place before heading out the door. 

Today was a big day at the Ramsey's.  Abigail had her first t-ball practice.  I am so excited to watch her play.  I hope she's better than her mother, I was never much of a ball player.  Her coach Mr. Jason told her it was scary how much she talked and looked like me.  Too funny, and he also told her that her Uncle Ron was a really good ball player which is very true.  Robert helped out with practice and said she did very well.

Sunday afternoon we had some family time.  We went to Sam's club and stocked up, and Dick's to get Abigail cleats.  Here she is on our way home, she was out like a light. 
I have to add this...tonight as I was rocking Jack to sleep he sang Twinkle Twinkle Little Star to me.  I have sang this to him since birth.  His version went something like this.  "winkle winkle wittle tar, how wonder where are."  I had never heard him sing this much of it and it melted my heart.  He has also learned the title to one of our favorite books we read.  It's entitled "Good Night Beach" but he calls it "Good bye Beach."  I love it!!!
Happy April 1st!

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