Wednesday, April 30, 2014

I will never...

Never say never but I'm fairly certain I will never leave a tube of lipstick in Jack's bag ever again.  I don't really carry a purse anymore unless I'm going somewhere without the children.  I usually just put my wallet, lipstick and phone in Jack's bag.  With that being said after putting him to bed the other night he discovered his bag and went through it and look what he found, you guessed it, my lipstick that I had forgotten to take out.  I don't always check on him after he has gone to bed but for some reason this night I did and I'm so glad I did.  When I walked in I found him looking like this, along with his pajama's, sheet, pillow and blanket.  Fortunately it came out of everything except his p.j.'s.   

Still cute even though he looks like a clown ;) 
We had a wonderful spring break.  We went to Busch Gardens one day and Abigail saw her friend Addy, they played in the splash park before we left.  Abigail didn't have her bathing suit but we did have a change of clothes in the car.   

Here is Abigail and Jack watching the Sesame Street show, Jack loved it.  Abigail always loved Sesame Street at this age and he is just as thrilled with it as she was. 
Last night Abigail had her school play, Hats.  She did a wonderful job!  I speak on behalf of the PTA before each play throughout the year.  Last night was extra special for me since my daughter was in the play following the PTA meeting. 
She did such a great job in the play especially with her speaking parts, I was so proud.  That's her bff Hannah speaking into the microphone here.


Jack loves a milkshake, strawberry is his favorite these days! :)

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