Sunday, May 11, 2014

Heart and soul.

Today was Mother's Day and I feel incredibly blessed to be the mother of these two children.  I'm not sure what I did to deserve these blessings in my life but I love them with every breath I take, they are my heart and soul. 

The loves of my life.
On Friday Landon, Abigail and I had a date.  We picked Landon up at Office Supply and the three of us went to Chuck E Cheese.  We had pizza, talked and laughed and then played some games with our tokens.  They loved it and I must say so did I.  They divided up their tickets they won and got a few prizes. 
We went to church this morning, it was such a nice service to honor all of the mother's.  There are so many wonderful women whom I love and truly respect in my church, such a sacred place to me. 
Robert, Abigail and Jack! 

My best friend, confidant and the one who is always there for me.  I love you so much Mama!

We had dinner at mama and daddy's, steak, salad, homemade rolls and bake potatoes.  Carol and Mom joined us.  Mama made the most delicious pound cake for dessert!

We practiced up on our baseball.  Abigail was knocking them out the park!

Yes, Abigail has her ruby slippers on,
we were calling her Dorothy all afternoon. :)  Love my girl.
Mama, Robbie, Robert, daddy, Abigail and I played a round of Apples to Apples before calling it a weekend.  What a wonderful and beautiful day!

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