Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Forever friends!

This past weekend the group of girls I grew up with in Mathews had a reunion at the Muffleman's in Mobjack that was so much fun.  Nikki and her family traveled from Bristol, TN, Sarah came from Alabama and Mer and her family drove home for the day from Williamsburg.  Ofcourse Jen and I live here so we didn't have too far to go! ;)  I have such great memories of growing up with each of them, playing sports together, having slumber parties, going on vacations with them and they with me, and the list goes on.  These women are a huge part of who I am today and I love them dearly.  We had so much fun catching up but most importantly seeing our children together and getting to know each other was the absolute best.  We did miss Leslie and her family and look forward to us all being together again soon.
Eli, Sye, Jack, Abigail, Ellie, Alex and Nicholas

Mr. David took the children on the dock to check his crab pots.

We all took a dish and grilled hot dogs and hamburgers!

Sarah, Mer, me, Nikki, and Jen

Abigail, Jack and Sarah!

Abigail, Sye, Eli and Jack (Mer's Jack) played UNO Stacko!!
Such a fun and memorable weekend with these women!
Margaret and children and Elizabeth came to town on Friday!  We spent the day swimming and just being together.  It was a beautiful day! 
Jack, John, Abigail, Lena and Thomas
Robert let the girls fish for awhile!

We of course had ice cream!!

Kathy walking John on the boardwalk while Elizabeth was sunning!

They always love playing on the slide for life!
Here is Abigail with a few of her friends and her swim instructor Miss Melissa on her last day of swim lessons!  She did really great and was told she is a good and confident swimmer!  Yay Abigail! :)

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