Friday, August 8, 2014

Thumbs up!

Abigail went for her dental check up a month ago and we found that she had her first cavity.  Not bad at the ripe age of "6" on MONDAY! :)  Nonetheless I was disappointed since we try to limit her sugar intake and brush her teeth regularly.  She told me on the way to her appointment that Layla had recently told her that if she was ever in pain to pinch herself and that would help.  I just smiled, that's what cousins are for, right?!  She did really well with it all but half way through I did see her pinch herself which then led to a thumbs up.  Brave little girl she is.
Oh the anticipation!
Robert met us there after work!

It has been a week of sadness in our community.  I ask that we all join together in prayer for a brother in Christ that we lost.  Let's lift his family up and hold them close in thought. 
A wise woman once told me at a young age that God's love is better than chocolate.  Guess what friends, it's true. 

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