Sunday, August 10, 2014

Happy 6th Birthday Abigail!

I'm writing this a day early since I know tomorrow is going to be busy!  I cannot believe 6 years have come and gone in no time.  You are the light of our life and you make your dad, brother and I laugh on a daily basis.  You are wise beyond your years and you have a huge heart that cares immensely for others.  You are a nurturer and you always want everyone around you to be happy! (You get that honestly) :)

You love to swim, read books, swing, climb trees, collect bugs and play Barbies.  You love having play dates with your friends and you especially love your grandparents and great grandparents.  You adore your uncles and you and your cousin Landon have a very special bond.

I have enjoyed you every second since the day your were born.  I love you my beautiful girl and I hope you have a fun "6th" birthday! 

You were right around 14 months here!

Beach days!

Having a yogurt snack!  (Gotta love my blonde days) ;)

Decorating your Christmas tree!

Dying Easter eggs!

You and Pop's, the summer before you turned 2!

"Sunday lunch after church"

Trick or Treat - hayride with our friends!

Napping with mama!

Nags Head Fishing pier - breakfast!

Belmont pumpkin patch!

This is you in the guest bedroom that later became Jack's nursery!

Love this sweet face.

Going to see Santa at the Children's Museum!

You have always loved riding the Carousal at Busch Gardens!

Pre-school graduation!
5TH BIRTHDAY! the theme was unicorns.
July 4th!!!!!!  Cousin lovin'!
You and Landon!

Mimi and I took you and Landon to the Ted Constant Center at ODU to see Scooby Doo Live!

Fishing and crabbing!

Mimi bought you this neck pillow, you LOVE it and it makes me laugh everytime you break it out! :)   You like to take it in the car on road trips too!
Happy Birthday sunshine!
Love, Mama xoxo

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