Monday, August 18, 2014

Let it go! Let it go!

Can you guess what kind of weekend we had around here?!  It was a FROZEN kind of birthday on a nice summer day! Abigail had so much fun celebrating with her family and friends!  She loves the movie FROZEN and all things Anna and Elsa!!  We kind of like Olaf too! ;)

Abigail on her 6th birthday!

Let's eat cake!!

She got a lot of Barbie doll's this year which was perfect since that seems to be the theme of the summer! I gave her two of my Barbie doll cases full of dolls and clothes from when I was a little girl and she is loving it! 

Carolyn, Mama, and Mom!

Jack and Mom enjoyed swinging together!

They had so much fun sliding!

Finding candy from the Pinata'!

They pretty much swam in the bay the entire party!
Last week the Gloucester High drama club had a fundraiser at Goodfella's restaurant!  Mama, Mom, Denise and Carolyn took Abigail and she LOVED it!  She has been talking about it ever since, what a memorable night for my girl! She went as Snow White!

How appropriate that she got to have her picture taken with Anna and Elsa from FROZEN since it was the week of her birthday! 

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