Sunday, August 24, 2014

House update!

 Our summer has been spent working on our new house!  No vacation (first time in my 36 years of living) :(, packing, painting, cleaning, etc!  Abigail and Jack deserve a huge vacation next summer!  I can't wait!!  With that being said our new home is coming along and we are moving in very soon.  Daddy, Mama, Robert, and Mom have played a huge part in making this all come together.  We could not have done it without them.
We celebrated sweet Ella's birthday on Friday!  Here is Allie and adorable James Walter at her party!
Jack loved playing on the train!

Abigail had so much fun!
Here is the living room, hardwood floors and carpet are going down this week!  Freshly painted shelves and walls!  We put a sealer on the subfloor before putting down the hardwood.

The living room leading to the screened porch!
Here is the kitchen before we got new appliances.
Here is the after, the stove was delivered damaged so a new one will be installed this week!
Here is a before of Jack's bedroom!
Here is the after!

Daddy, Mama and Mom working in Abigail's bedroom!

Abigail found my Aunt Carolyn's cheering uniform from the 70's while we were moving the attic! She has worn this a lot this summer! :)

My helper!  What a great brother!
Me hard at work!
I can't wait to show you more later this week!  As we were eating dinner tonight I told Robert, Abigail and Jack this was our last sunday night having dinner here!  I know I am going to be saying this a lot in the coming week. 

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