Sunday, September 28, 2014

a birthday, fruit flies and FROZEN.

I dare say that Frozen is by far Abigail's favorite movie ever.  Her dream came true when we got to see Frozen Live at the Hampton Coliseum Friday night.  It was unbelievably moving for me to see it through her eyes.  She was fascinated and we had a lot of fun!

On our way into the show Abigail's heel on her princess shoes broke!!  So we all took turns carrying her!

4 generations!  Mama, Abigail, me and Mom!

Mom carrying Abigail and Michael Alexander is in front of them!  Precious boy!

Carol, Abigail, Michael, Mom and Mama!
We had Amber, Robbie, Mama and Daddy over for dinner tonight to celebrate my dad's 62nd birthday! 

Jack, Abigail, me, Daddy and Landon!

Present time!
"The invasion of fruit flies" they have taken over our house so Robert was sucking them up with the vacuum cleaner!  The vinegar and dish soap is helping too!

Jack Jack before bedtime tonight!

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