Sunday, October 19, 2014

Pumpkin patch and Spirit Week!!

We took the kids to the pumpkin patch last sunday afternoon and they had so much fun.  Jack loved the tractor ride the most and Abigail enjoyed painting her pumpkin!  Fun times were had by all!  Last week was spirit week at LJES and Abigail had fun dressing up each day! 

Friday I took she and Jack to the Homecoming parade.  She wore my aunt Carolyn's cheering uniform, it is in perfect condition and is over 40 years old!   I see a future MHS cheerleader in the making!
We parked at mama's office and watched it there, Abigail was happy her friend Kacey was there too! 
Hat Day, she wore her dad's cowboy hat and her cowgirl boots!  :)

Oh and for fun here's a sneak peak of the dining room, more pictures to come soon.

We visited Grandmama last Sunday after church, Abigail and Jack love going to Gigi's and going through the toys in her bathtub!!

 Looking for the GREAT PUMPKIN at the pumpkin patch!


We enjoyed Laurie's homemade noodle soup last weekend!  It was oh so good.

This was Tiger day so she just wore her LJES tshirt! 
I don't think we'll be wearing shorts this week, it's feeling like fall finally!! YAY! :)

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