Saturday, November 15, 2014

A sleepover!!

I promised Abigail that once we had settled in to our new house that she could have some friends over to spend the night!  So yesterday was the day she has been looking so forward to for awhile now.  The girls had so much fun!  I picked them up from school yesterday afternoon and mama and I took them ice skating and out to eat.  Abigail and Autumn were the only two that had ever been ice skating before but the other 3 girls picked it up quickly and did great! 

We came home and they watched some t.v. and of course ate me out of house and home, these girls like to eat!! Popsicles, popcorn and some yummy cupcakes that Mimi (mama) made for them!   They all slept in sleeping bags in Abigail's room and went to sleep around 11 last night.  They had a pillow fight, Autumn lost a tooth so they made a trap for the tooth fairy and the ceiling was lit up with stars from a dream light!  Pretty perfect little slumber party if you ask me! 

Autumn, Lauren and Abigail
This sweet girl who was an excellent skater took Eileen around the rink and showed her a few things! 
 Abigail and Lauren!
Here are the girls having snacks and vegging out last night!
Autumn, Lauren, Abigail, Evie and Eileen
Robert made breakfast this morning...eggs, bacon, pancakes and honeybuns! 

After breakfast we bundled up and walked around the neighborhood, I think their favorite part of this was playing tag on the tennis courts!

Jack was so cute this afternoon, he asked me an hour or so after everyone left where the girls went.  Then he walked over to the window and was looking outside for them, I think he kind of liked having some of his sister's friends around!

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