Monday, February 23, 2015

Snow days

Abigail had off from school last Monday and Tuesday and then it turned into a whole week off for a snow storm!  We enjoyed our time, of course had some sickness, we just can't seem to get away from it lately.  It's almost like it's become the norm for us, it's weird.  I hope we are done with it for a long time!!!!!  Robert had a few days off from work due to the snow so we enjoyed some downtime at home!

We went sledding on a hill in Gloucester!  Abigail, Jack and Landon loved it, Daddy and Amber joined us too! 

Jack and I before going for a run down the hill! 
Here is Abigail gathering the sleds!

These two went sledding with Michael Alexander and John Stephen after lunch on Thursday!  I made Abigail come home early so that she could rest and thaw out some :) before going to ballet! 
Robert made a fire so that they could do smores!  At one point I looked out and Abigail was just sitting by the fire reading a book, made me smile!

Jacks "new thing" is to pull the kitchen chair over to the counter so that he can reach whatever he needs to get.  This afternoon I was cooking dinner and he pulled it over and said he was going to "help me."  :)
The sweetest thing happened tonight at bedtime.  I am writing this mainly so that I won't forget.  Jack asked me to lay with him so I did and I usually say our prayers and sometimes he will follow along.  Tonight for the first time he said Now I lay me down to sleep almost word for word.  I had no idea he knew it without me saying it!  It was definitely a proud and happy moment for me as a mama!

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