Monday, March 2, 2015

The melting has begun!

The sunshine and slightly warmer temperatures today were so refreshing!  Our driveway is turning to slush and our little snow man toppled over this afternoon, a sure sign that melting is happening!  Let's not talk about the future forecast.

The children were out of school again last week from Wednesday on!  Church was cancelled, dance was cancelled and Robert was home for a few days from work so we made the best of our snow days and had some fun!  Everyone stayed well so that was a huge plus in our corner!  I did make it to the Y and then had an awesome run Saturday morning around here.  I was in awe of the snow covered trees and the sun glistening on the untouched yards.  It's very obvious the homes of people that do have children or grandchildren and the ones who don't! 

Tuesday evening we went to Grandaddy's, Jack and Abigail loved sliding down the hill there.

Check out these snow caps in the bay!  The quality of the picture is terrible, it was dark and the white streaks are snowflakes but isn't that cool?!

I got smarter this go round and made sure we had plenty of crafts to keep everyone entertained for more than 2 minutes.  I just don't want them sitting around watching t.v. all day or playing on the computer when they are not playing in the snow!

We ventured out and Jack found this huge bush to climb! 

The trees were so beautiful, this is across the street from our house in the Tiller's yard!  It reminded me of how the trees looked in Colorado when we were there 7 years ago!

We played with our neighbors Liam and Stephanie!

We went sleigh riding around Fleetwood Circle!  We even stopped at the tennis court and shot a few hoops! 

Stephanie and Liam came over for a hearty lunch of grilled cheese!  Here are Liam and Abigail!  Fun times!
Robert and the kids made a snowman! 

We went to Grandmama's and made her a snowman and then went sledding at my favorite spot, Lowbottom!! :)

Daddy and Danny pulled us behind their trucks, fun times!  Here is Landon Sinclair going for a run!

Autumn, Jack and Robert!  After we left there we went by mama and daddy's and Jack and I walked over to Mom and I.T.'s!  I warmed up by the fireplace for a bit and Jack got his usual stash of goodies. 
Yesterday Abigail went to her friend Evie's birthday party at a bounce house.  Little brother tagged along!  Fun was had by all!
There is more talk of snow I hear.....18 days til spring!  Just saying!  I have proof that it is just around the corner too because I have seen the daffodils popping through!  :))))))

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