Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Dig deep

A few years ago right after Jack was born I was really into Spinning.  For those of you who don't know what that is it's an indoor cycling class.  It is an intense workout and is designed to simulate riding a bike outdoors. You control your level of intensity and I vividly remember days when I would push until I thought I could push no more. The sweat would be rippling off my forehead.  My instructor would say things like "dig deep" and every single time it got me over the mountain.  Her name was Shirley and she now lives in Southern California.  I will forever be grateful for that woman.  I have since then used this term in other areas of my life, not just exercise.  So, when your soul searching or just having a hard time adjusting to something in your life dig deep and I am almost certain you will find what you are looking for.  Prayer and faith play a huge part in this too.

The whole point of me writing this is because I've had people say to me they don't know how I have time to blog and I hear people say all the time they just can't find the time to exercise.  My answer to this is again, dig deep. IF YOU REALLY want it you will make time.  It may be 6am or 6pm, it doesn't really matter but what does matter is that you do it.  I have always been a writer so it's important to me to keep this going.  I have scrap books for both kids that I will do for them until they graduate high school.  I will then probably do a college scrapbook too (if they choose to go to college!)  I hope so.  I have never been a full time working mother but I can almost say for certain I would still be exercising and blogging even if I were! :)

Last week Abigail dressed up for school in honor of Dr.Suess's birthday! 
Career Day!

Mix and Match Day!   I see some personality coming out in this picture!

Sunday Robert and I took Landon, Abigail and Jack to the Living Museum. 

We stopped for lunch on the way and then Abigail and Landon had ice cream from Sonic on our way home!  Jack was asleep so he had Abigail's leftovers when he woke up! :)
 It was a fun and educational day for all! 

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