Monday, March 23, 2015

Father Daughter Dance - 2015

Abigail and Robert had an extra special night on Friday.  Our day started out less than stellar when Jack woke up with the stomach bug.  I had a hair appointment for Abigail after school and I wanted her to get to see some of our family all dressed up.  So Robert and I tag teamed and even though the little bug was sick we still managed to make it a perfect afternoon and evening for Abigail. 

It was at the American Legion this year and when I showed up to help clean towards the end of the dance the girls and their dad's were having the time of their life.  Abigail learned the YMCA dance and loved showing me how it was done!!!

She had her hair done by Linda at Mary's Beauty Shop!

                         We then went to Mom and I.T.'s and mama, daddy, Carol and Necie were there. 


My sweet girl has lost all three of her top teeth!  Last week I made corn on the cob for dinner and she looked at me like I had three heads.  It was hilarious, she said you know I can't eat this, ofcourse you can't Abigail!!!  She's got the cutest little lisp when she talks too!

                 They all had special cards for her, flowers and money!  She is such a lucky little girl.
Quite the pair, here they are before leaving for dinner at Richardson's where they had reservations!  What a fun night for them!

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