Sunday, May 17, 2015

Happy 3rd Birthday Jack.

I had so much fun getting ready for Jack's birthday party.  The theme was trains because he would play with them all day if I would let him.  He has a train set in the study and spends a lot of time in there choo chooing and chugging along.  He was not feeling well for his party which was such a bummer but he still had a lot of fun!  Here is he is after just waking up from his nap as his party was getting started! 

 IS that not the most piciful face you have ever seen?!? 
Jack, you love trains, PAW Patrol, firetrucks, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, banana's, frozen pancakes, raspberries, swinging on your swing set, reading books, and riding your tricycle.  You have been my sidekick for 3 years now.  You have only spent one night away from me in three years.  I love you so much and enjoy watching you grow and learn new things each and every day.  You recited
"The little engine that could" word for word last week.  I was blown away could not believe it, we have read that to you since you were a baby.  Abigail got so excited and started looking for other books for you to read but I explained to her you are not reading words quite yet that it was by memory.  Tonight as I was putting you to bed you asked me to sing In My Life by the beattles!  So I did.

Michael Alexander, Jack and Maddison at the train table!
 - Mimi and Jack -
Grandmama and I!
 Carrie, Megan and I - Carrie has kept Jack since he was 2 months old in the child watch at the YMCA!  He loves MISS CARRIE!

Singing happy birthday and blowing out your JACK candles!

Laurie and Peyton Anne!
I love you so much Jack Jack!  xoxo
Also a shout out to my brother Ron, today is his 41st birthday. Happy happy birthday!  I love you very much!!!! :)

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