Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Parenting 101

I am almost certain this is not a college course or something we learned in grade school.  We learn something new each and every day and that is what makes this ride so exciting, exhausting, funny, sad, happy, and well....even surprising at times!  I was doing some things around the house the other day and heard the water in the bathroom going.  I thought for sure Jack was just brushing his teeth like the good little boy he is. I was clearly wrong, this is what I found when I walked into the bathroom.
He used the handsoap for bubbles, pretty clever I must say.   Oh me Jack!  A lady at a store the other day wished me luck with him, she thought he had beautiful eyes and I thanked her.  Then she added, he'll be fine!  Raising boys and girls are two very different things but I wouldn't trade these days for anything!
Abigail is a really good ball player!  She's quick on her feet but also with knowing where the next play is, she thinks ahead and I am loving watching her grow in this sport.  Robert and I are coaching her team, here we are shaking hands with the Orioles!
Silly girl!

Say batter batter.....swing!!!!

I love to compare pictures, this was Mother's Day last year - 2014.
Here is this year's!  -2015-
Abigail and Jack have grown a lot in one year.
I had a wonderful Mother's Day this year.  We went to church and then to my father in law's for a few hours where I sat by the water and watched the children swim and play in the sand.  Then I went to see mama and have brownie pie with icecream that she made.  It was quite tasty! 
We are gearing up for a big birthday this weekend!  Jack is turning 3 years old!!  :)

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