Tuesday, June 16, 2015

a year to remember.

Abigail had a wonderful year in the first grade.  One of the absolute best perks of living here is I know a lot of the teacher's in her elementary school.  This year she had a teacher that I have known most of my life and it made it super special that this friend of mine taught my daughter.  It really made sending her to school a real joy everyday.  She learned so much and grew in so many different areas, I could not be more pleased.  We are looking real forward to the second grade!

Here's my girl on her last day of 1st Grade!

Clearly, someone was super excited about the last of school!
I took the children and their cousin Autumn to the beach for a little swimming after school on her last  day!  Abigail and Autumn had a slumber party at our house and were up at 7 am Saturday morning painting their nails!  We went to watch cousin Landon's baseball game on Saturday too, more fun!!
Tristan turned 1 and we had fun celebrating his special day!
I eat the same thing for breakfast every morning.  Wheat waffles with lite Aunt Jemima syrup.  Robert surprised with an omelet sunday morning with cheese, green pepper and tomato and it was BREAKFAST in BED!  Talking about a treat!!!!!

Yesterday Margaret and I braved the heat and took all the children to Water Country for the day.  And we put in a day, we got there at 10:45 and left at 5:45 cause that's how we ROLL!  Lots of fun!

This was Abigail and Jack's first time riding down a slide together and they loved it!
This is me today packing Abigail up for a few days away with Mimi, Pops and her cousins!

And this sweet boy is down with a virus.  We hope he is better tomorrow so he can join in on the fun with his Mimi, Pop's, sister and cousins!
I went out to my car earlier to get a pair of flip flops, turned it on and the thermometer read 111 degrees!  SUMMER IS HERE and it is HOT!  Stay cool!

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