Friday, June 5, 2015

Dancing queen....

We got to observe Abigail at dance this week, one day for tap and the other for ballet.  I was so proud of how far she has come in both classes.  This is her first year of tap and her third year of ballet and I think we have found our niche with dancing.  She's passionate about it and quite the natural. 

Here she is at tap and first in line, I was so proud!  

Here is her ballet class, such sweet sweet girls!

The ballerina!
Jack did such a great job going between mama, daddy, Robert and I during her hour performance.  Towards the end he wanted to get out there and dance so he did!!!!!  This brother and sister love each other so much! 
She loves her teacher Mrs. Rachel too! 
I also went on field trip with Abigail's class this week to the Childrens Museum in Richmond.  Here are she and Hannah in the Silver Diner!

Having fun with magnets!

And taking a ride on a dinosaur!
And we took some time out and had some ice cream and play time at Chick Fil A since it's rained just about every day this week!  It was a nice change of pace and she and Jack loved it!
5 more days of school, another busy week upon us and we can hardly wait for SUMMER VACATION!!!! 

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